Beryl’s Friendly Bacteria has a distinctive odour. Why is that? PDF Print E-mail

Yes, you will notice that it is a little pongy so best not to mix it in the house! This is because the friendly bacteria are anaerobic and they are smelly by nature, but just think how much good they do!

Is Beryl's Friendly Bacteria compatible with? PDF Print E-mail

Is Beryl’s Friendly Bacteria compatible with other products such as garlic based products, water sanitisers/disinfectants and antibiotics?
No. Any product which has antibacterial properties is likely to have an adverse effect on Beryl’s Friendly Bacteria. If your hens have been treated with antibiotics you will need to reapply beryl’s Friendly Bacteria waiting 48 hours after the last day of antibiotic treatment.

Is Beryl’s Friendly Bacteria the same as a probiotic? PDF Print E-mail

Is Beryl’s Friendly Bacteria the same as a probiotic?
No. Probiotics tend to be made from a single, or a small number of strains of bacteria and must be fed daily. Beryl’s Friendly Bacteria contains over 200 different friendly bacteria, so it establishes the complete balance of gut bacteria. Only complex cultures like this have proven effective in their protection against harmful bacteria. The greater the number of different types of bacteria in a product, the more effective the product is.