Beryl's Story Print

Beryl lived in an old cottage in the beautiful Malvern hills in Worcestershire, where she kept a few hens in her back yard. Beryl’s hens were extremely healthy and completely free of disease. Our scientists in Malvern wanted to develop a natural product to protect hens from salmonella and knowing about the competitive exclusion concept set about looking for some donor hens.

It is not easy to find completely disease free hens when you need them, and after a lot of looking around they eventually found Beryl and her hens right on their doorstep. The friendly bacteria were donated by Beryl from her hens, and after rigorous testing by the Veterinary Laboratories Agency, were certified safe and free of all known Avian pathogens. From this culture a master seed was developed and each batch of product is produced by a fermentation process and can be traced back to the original master seed.

Sadly, neither Beryl or her hens are with us any longer, but her legacy lives on in the friendly bacteria she gave us… so now Beryl’s Friendly Bacteria can help to keep all of Britain’s back yard hens healthy.